Tapas (1950)

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   OED has 1953.
   From NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, April 1950, Pg. 418, col. 2:

   There are 1,500 taverns and nearly a thousand cafes and bars in Madrid alone.  Taverns form the humblest category; they are small, friendly places where customers stand at the (Pg. 19, col. 1--ed.) counter to drink white wine or beer.
   More pretentious are the bars, with tables and a more diverse selection of _tapas_ (snacks), such as cold cuts, shrimp, clams, oysters, crabs, lobsters, goose barnacles, and fried squid.

HOW I GOT THAT "TAPAS" CITE--NYU library had page 18, but page 19 was torn out.  There was no microfilm.  So I went to the NYPL, and but they were moving all the magazines.  So I bought a Columbia pass, but that issue was not on the shelf.  Then I found it in the shelf of books to be re-shelved, but someone HAD ALSO TORN OUT PAGE 19 in Columbia's _National Geographic_!  I got it today when the NYPL's copy became available, and there was "tapas"!

MACARTHUR FOUNDATION--While we're on the topics of no jobs and foundation money...the MacArthur Foundation is based in Chicago.  I went through the list of MacArthur Fellow winners.  Throughout its 20-year history, they've given money to poets, novelists, filmmakers, scientists, but no member of the ADS.  Not to the DARE folks, not to J. E. Lighter, not to Dennis Preston, not to Fred Shapiro--none of us, EVER.  If they'd support me, I'd go to Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids ("village papers of Michigan and New York are calling us a Windy City," CHICAGO TRIBUNE, 9-11-1886) to finish off that project, then take out paid ads in the new NEW YORK SUN and CHICAGO TRIBUNE.  I won't do this otherwise, as my earnings from writing can't even buy me a computer to write on.

O.T.: ANTI-SEMITISM AT COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY--There's a story about this in today's NEW YORK SUN.  While I was gathering "gheto" and other material at Columbia University's library yesterday, a political science student was talking loudly.  He called the Jews "Nazis" for occupying territories, then said it was just fine to harm any Jew anywhere, in Israel or France or America.  I was sick as can be, but I was using the library as a guest.

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