Ipsiphobic? Not quite.

sagehen sagehen at WESTELCOM.COM
Mon Apr 22 19:11:57 UTC 2002

Mark M writes:
>. Greek "oikos"
>'house' comes to mind, but that's not precise enough, and its commonest
>form in English would yield "ecophobia": not what you want, with
>productive "eco-" having been totally absorbed by 'ecology'!

>However, the same page of my Abridged Liddell & Scott shows me the
>related (Ionian) "oikia":
>        a house, dwelling
> II.    a household; also the inmates of the house, Lat. familia.
 >III.   a house of family from which one is descended

>So we can derive "oikiophobic". The word isn't pretty, but by that third
>definition it means what you want to mean, and it can't be mistaken for
>something else.<
Isn't this also the root of the *-oecious* in the botanic terms
*monoecious* & *dioecious?*  To deconflate from eco- combinations, how
pronounced >eeshophobic<.

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