Rick Kennerly rick at MOUSEHERDER.COM
Tue Apr 23 15:19:15 UTC 2002

:of his particular sect were Christians, while members of other
:nominally Christian sects were hypocrites.
:Of course, I'm sure we've all been raised in the One True Faith.

OTOH, I've always thought the reason we never had full fledged holy wars
inside the US (at least not like in the Middle East and parts of Asia) was
precisely because we managed to avoid any group cornering the market as the
guardian of the One True Faith.  In this country, instead of fighting over
dogma and doctrine, if a person disagrees with the tenets of a particular
religion or the practices of a particular faith, he just breaks off and
starts his own church.

Being raised in the South of a Reform Synagogue Jewish father and a snake
handlin, poison drinkin' Pentecostal-sect mother, I had some very full and
interesting weekends as a kid.  And I remember some really weird breakaway
religious groups when I was growing up.

Rick Kennerly

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