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I think "sister Christian" was closer to 1979 as I seem to remember it being
popular when I graduated from college (boy am I dating myself here, too!.)

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Date: Tuesday, April 23, 2002 3:24 PM
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>Aging myself, but with the discussion on Christian and Motoring I cannot
>get "Sister Christian" by Night Ranger (1985?) out of my head.
>"....You're motoring
>What's your price for flight
>In finding Mister Right
>You'll be all right tonight
>Babe, you know you're growing up so fast
>And momma's worrying that you won't last to say, let's play
>Sister Christian, there's so much in life
>Don't you give it up before your time is due
>It's true, it's true, yeah
>You're motoring
>What's your price for flight
>You've got him in your sights
>And driving through the night....."
>BTW, next assignment, "efforted." Uggh.
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