Off Topic: 80s music (was: Re: motoring)

Lynne Murphy lynnem at COGS.SUSX.AC.UK
Wed Apr 24 12:55:17 UTC 2002

--On Wednesday, April 24, 2002 8:34 am -0400 "Steve Kl."
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> Set the wayback machine to 1983. Lynne, Erin, and Jesse, commence the
> flashbacks:
> ____________________________________
> Sister Christian, oh the time has come

Steve, you've just ruined my afternoon.  This is not the early 80s song I
want going through my head!  I've also just discovered that the wonderful
website "Early 80s Song of the Week" is no more.  So, now I have to go into
mourning for that with Sister Christian going through my head.  Aigh.

Happily, it's  New Wave Wednesday on WBER Rochester (  So
I can try to erase all this horror from my mind with another chorus of
"Turning Japanese".


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