Macaroni, Vermicelli, Bologna, Blouse (1673)

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   I just listened to the audio of the BANANA SCULPTOR interview on WNYC's
Leonard Lopate NY & Company program.  Lopate asked if there's anyone in the
book he was forgetting.  Howard Means immediately mentioned Barry Popik, who
solved "the Big Apple."  Lopate ended the program with "and the only one
who's already been on the program."
   Just one problem:  I've NEVER been on Leonard Lopate's radio program.
Though I did my "Big Apple" work ten years ago, I've never been on ANY
television program, and I'd never been on ANY radio program until I did Voice
of America just last month.
   DAVID SHULMAN did Leonard Lopate's "New York &  Company" program.
   We're not the same.


by John Ray
London: John Martyn
Early English Books Online

   More from the book that I posted "gheto" from.  OED cites from it about
219 times, yet still misses wonderful stuff.

Pg. 71:  The stop the immoderate flowing of the _blouses_ in Women and cure
the Jaundise...
(An early antedate to OED's 1828 "blouse"?  Check the full context--ed.)

Pg. 224:  The _Bologna_ sausages, washball, and little dogs are much esteemed
and talked of in all _Italy_...
(The second cite for "Bologna sausage," and more on Bologna's "little

Pg. 267:  _Macarones_ and _Vermicelle_ (which are nothing but a kind of paste
cut into the figure of worms or thongs) boil'd in broth or water, are a great
dish heer as well as at _Messina_, and as much esteemed by the Vulgar, as
Frementy by the country people in _England_.
(Early cited for both "macarojni" and "vermicelli" in English.  The section
is about Naples--ed.)

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