Antipasto, Double Chin (1695)

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Fri Apr 26 07:50:51 UTC 2002

by Maximilian Misson
(Early English Books Online)

   I looked at the rest of this book on EEBO.  I didn't find "ice cream," but found other things.

Pg. 38: has a double Chin strew'd with some long Hairs of a Beard...
(OED has 1832 for "double chin"--ed.)

Pg. 55:  He that nothing ventures, nothing wins.
Pg. 56:  He that would eat much, must eat little.
(A few pages of proverbs here--ed.)

Pg. 240:  The first course, which by way of excellence they call the _Antipasto_, is a Plate of Gizerns, Ends of Wings, and Birds Feet boil'd with Salt and Pepper, and mix'd with Whites of Eggs; after which course, come two or three small Dishes one after another of different Ragou's.
(OED has 1932 for "antipasto."  Merriam-Webster has 1590 for "antipasto"--ed.)
("Chiarello piccante," "Moscadello," and "Dutch Cheese" are also on this page--ed.)

Pg. 249:  ...Folding Chairs...

Pg. 250:  ...the Jingle of his Four F's.
(Find 'em, Feel 'em...?--ed.)

Pg. 258:  ...Thanksgiving...

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