Puttanesca (1969)

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   "Japanese lass sexy pictures" also baffles me.  I'm on AOL, so all I've been getting recently are 17-year-olds with farm animals.
   But I digress--on to Italian streetwalkers.
   Bonnie Slotnick has a shelf of very good Italian cookbooks, but I didn't find anything in the 1950s.  I could look through my Clementine Paddleford columns from the 1950s, but that's too time-consuming right now.

by Ada Boni
Bonanza Books, NY
("This material was first published in slightly different form in _Arianna_.")

Pg. 212 (Naples-Campagna):
_Spaghetti "alla Puttanesca"_
_Spaghetti with Chili_
olive oil (US and UK measurements given--ed.)
tomatoes, peeled and chopped
capers, or to taste
black olives, pitted
hot chili pepper
finely chopped fresh oregano
salted boned anchovies
parsley, finely chopped
The literal translation of this recipe is "as a prostitute would prepare spaghetti", _puttanesca_ being a vulgar work for prostitute.

(Alas, the recipe was not found in Sophia Loren's cookbooks--ed.)

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