Shahid, Emer (1615? 1621?)

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by George Sandys
Four Bookes
Second edition
London: F. W. Barrett
(Early English Books Online)

   OED cites "1615 G. Sandys" for 714 times.  I read the 1621 version on microfilm.
   The book has tons of good stuff, including our first "alcohol," "coffeehouse," and "hodgepodge."  "Sherbet" has also been recorded.
   Still, an important word such as "shahid" was missed.

Pg. 56:  The _Turkes_ do fast one month in the yeare, which they call _Ramazan_...
(OED has 1601, then 1695 for "Ramazan"--ed.)

Pg. 58:  ...since it can be neither hastned nor auoyded being withall perswaded, that they die brauely that die fighting; and that they shall be rewarded with Paradise that do spend their bloud vpon the enemies of their Religion; whom they call _Shahids_, which is Martyrs.
(OED has 1881 for "shahid"--ed.)

Pg. 64:  The Clergie fo much in greene, it being _Mahomets_ colour; and his kinsmen in greene shashes, who are called _Emers_, which is Lords...
(OED has 1625 for "emer" or "emir"--ed.)

Pg. 65:  Their most ordinary food is pillaw, that is, rice which hath benesod with the fat of mutton.  Potage they vse of sundry kinds, egges fried in hony, tansies (or somehing like them) pasties of sundry ingredients: the little flesh which they eate is cut into goblets, & either sod, or tosted in a furnace.

Pg. 102:  For they eate but little flesh (fresh cheese, sowre milke made solid, roots, fruites, and herbs, especially _Colocasia_, anciently called the _Aegyptian_ Beane, thoug bearing no beane, but like the leafe of a Colewort, being their principall sustenance; baking their bread in cakes on the hart, and mingling therewith the seeds of Coriander.)
(OED has 1829 for "colocasia."  That's OED's only citation, but it's from the translation of Ibn Batuta, so it's really much older than 1829--ed.)

Pg. 125:  These gratings are couered with mats: on them three inches thicke lieth the drie, and puluerated dung of Camels, Buffoloes, &c.
(OED has 1588, then 1661 for "buffalo"--ed.)

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