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Rick Kennerly rick at MOUSEHERDER.COM
Sun Apr 28 13:26:29 UTC 2002

:It appears that members of this list have received email with
:characteristics known to be associated with the "Klez" virus.
:Please run Norton or McAfee anti-virus scans and take other
:protective measures ASAP.

Yeah, my software is trapping about a dozen bad messages a day from a lot of
different sources, too.  Even computers that are running an antiviral
program like Norton or MaAfee can become infected if that computer's virus
definitions have not been updated on a regular basis so as to catch new
variants of the virus (actually a worm in this case).

If you suspect that you might have an infected computer or have been remiss
in updating your virus definitions, Norton is offering a free W32.Klez
Removal Tool that will work on any PC, regardless of which antiviral program
or operating system you are running.

This program runs from either the Safe Mode or the Command Prompt (print and
follow the instructions) and removes all variants of the w32.klez virus from
computers that have been infected.  A version of klez actually turns off
Norton antiviral detection, so updating virus definitions on an infected
machine will do no good until the virus has been removed.

Rick Kennerly

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