Rath's-Keller (1766)

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by Thomas Nugent
In Two Volumes
London: Edward and Charles Dilly

Pg. 69 (Hamburgh, in a letter from 1766--ed.):
   But their principal place for drinking Old Hock, is the Rath's-Keller, or public cellar.  My friend M. D. and I having heard much of this place, went thither out of curiosity...

Pg. 365 (Bremen, the city of the 1820 "Rathskeller" previously posted--ed.):
   Under the town-house is the wine-cellar or vault, kept for the public benefit.  Here we spent the second evening in a club-room, with some of the citizens, who were very good company.  The stock of Rhenish wine in this place is amazing; they have it of different growth and ages, from one year to fifty, sixty, or more.

Pg. 370 ("Pumpernickel" misc. from Westphalia--ed.):
_Hospitium vile, grob brodt, dick bier, lange mylen_
_Sunt in Westphalia, si non vis credere loop daar*._
*In Westphalia, you have bad inns, coarse bread, muddy beer, and long miles; if you don't believe me, go and see.

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