Baking Soda, Cooking Soda, Baking Powder

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Mon Dec 2 03:34:59 UTC 2002

   I gave these a run through the databases.

   I couldn't beat OED's 1850.
   The NATIONAL ERA, 25 November 1852, pg. 191 (American Periodical Series online) has an ad for DURKEE'S BAKING POWDER.  It is very possible that this was first made before 1850, but the first ad that I found for it is here.

   OED doesn't have a good entry for this.  It's under "soda."  Merriam-Webster has 1880?
   The Making of America (Mich.-Books) database has A. W. Chase's DR. CHASE'S RECIPES, 8th edition. Ann Arbor. Michigan, 1860, pages 31 and 173.
   GODEY'S LADY'S BOOK (Accessible Archives database) has it in May 1865, pg. 461.

   Another name for "baking soda."
   Making of American (Mich.-Books) has it in THE PROGESSIVE FARMER by John Adams, New York: A. O. Moore, 1859, pages 23 and 40.
   THE CHRISTIAN RECORDER from Philadelphia (Accessible Archives database) has it in 5 May 1866.

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