Sound Bite (1973); Smithfield Ham (1888); Liberty Cabbage (1918)

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Mon Dec 2 16:24:50 UTC 2002

   Not food, but if you do eat, take a good, sound bite.
   19 July 1973, WASHINGTON POST, Pg. A18:
   NBC had a crew on hand for two full days of the convention, and WTOP carried several informative stories with filmed interviews and sound bites from speeches.

   9 January 1888, WASHINGTON POST, pg. 2 ad:
   Have choice lot of GENUINE SMITHFIELD HAMS, 2 years old, cured by Todd.
G. G. Cornwell & Son.

   OED has the incredibly late 1927.  Obviously, it's WWI stuff.  Anything else to look up?
   22 October 1918, WASHINGTON POST, pg. 5 ad:
_Kraut_ Now Known as Liberty Cabbage.  quart. 15c
Old Dutch Market

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