Falaqa & Shabah (Iraqi tortures)

Bapopik at AOL.COM Bapopik at AOL.COM
Wed Dec 4 06:02:38 UTC 2002

   The 3 December 2002 NEW YORK POST, pg. 5, had a box on "Saddam's methods
of torture."  One is:

_FALAQA:_  Victims forced to lie face down and are beaten on the soles of
feet with a cable.

   A web search for this term also provides "shabah" or "shabeh," which is
enlonged sitting or standing in a painful position.
   There are many Google hits for "falaqa" and "shabah," but neither is in
the OED (unless I'm looking under the wrong spelling).



(O.T.  December 4th's WORDSPY "Words About Words" author is Erin McKean.
November 29th's Word Spy "Word of the Day" was credited to the ADS-L's
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