Teaching With a Kentucky Accent

Dave Hause dwhause at JOBE.NET
Thu Dec 5 03:27:43 UTC 2002

I think you might have taken that as pure career advice if he had qualified
it by saying "...teach English somewhere other than Eastern Kentucky."
Rather than changing, why not plan to add an accent (middle American
newsreader probably would go most places) appropriate to where you plan to
teach (assuming you do)?  Accents are one of the things we use to type
people we don't know well.  I was scared away from trying to use German for
years after having my accent identified as that of a Bavarian homosexual.
Dave Hause, dwhause at jobe.net
Ft. Leonard Wood, MO
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From: "Stephani Hardin" <sbmorr01 at MOREHEAD-ST.EDU>

In one of the Education classes I took last Fall A Professor made a remark
class that has bothered me to this day.  He said, "Some of you in here speak
with a heavy Eastern Kentucky accent, and you need to think seriously about
working on changing it if you want to teach English."

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