"Windy City" and today's snowstorm

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The Halifax Daily News

November 25, 2002 Monday DAILY Edition


LENGTH: 197 words

HEADLINE: Windy City has nothing on us

BYLINE: Cindy Day

JUST BEFORE FIVE o'clock yesterday morning, a gust of wind rolled up the hill
from the harbour and for a brief moment, I thought the roof was going to lift
off my house. I don't mind a nice warm breeze in the summer, but this cold
northwest wind isn't quite as pleasant. We're no strangers to wind here in
the Maritimes, but can you imagine what it would be like in the "Windy City?"
Well you might be surprised. Chicago's nickname is not associated with actual
windy conditions. Rather, it was given to the city by New York Sun editor
Charles Dana in 1893. Dana was sick of hearing long-winded politicians
boasting about the wonders of the World's Colombian Exposition held in
Chicago that year. It's hard to imagine that an editorial comment made more
almost 110 years ago, still stands today.

In terms of wind, Halifax, New Glasgow, Yarmouth and Sydney are all windier
than the "windy city," with average wind speeds ranging from 18 to 21 km/h.

Chicago's average wind speed is only 10 km/h. If we were to crown a Canadian
City with "windiest" honours, it would go to St. John's Nfld, with an average
wind speed of 24 km/h.

Cindy Day is a meteorologist with Global TV.

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