Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Fri Dec 6 12:50:43 UTC 2002

> > Has anyone run into any printed examples of the short form of "bourgeois"
> > that's pronounced "bougie"? I'm editing a text written by a black woman and
> > she uses the "bougie" spelling; that's how it sounds when my husband says
> > it but I've never seen it written.
>There's an extensive entry in HDAS, showing a wide variety of differing
>spellings....It's almost always pronounced BOO-zhee, whether spelled
>bourgie or boojy or boojie or boogie or bourgie or some other things....

I've run into the word "bougie" many times ... but it doesn't mean
"bourgeois" to me.

Is/was the double-entendre intended?

-- Doug Wilson

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