Icebox lives on

sagehen sagehen at WESTELCOM.COM
Fri Dec 6 20:52:31 UTC 2002

It's news to me that "blacktop" has faded anywhere.  It's certainly alive &
well up here in northern NY, and, I'm reasonably certain, in SW Ohio.  Both
places may (& up here certainly) still have  roads not yet paved, but even
after paving, maintenance requires re-blacktopping every now & then.
(Blacktop has the advantage of being easier to say than asphalt, too,
whether the
ASS FALT  or ASH FALT pronunciation is favored!)

Incidentally, I think the term that GM's advertising imprinted on the
American vocabulary was "Frigidaire."  Electric refrigerators were
generically referred to as frigidaires, whatever their actual brand, by
most people when I was a kid. We happened to have a monitor-top GE, which
we called "the icebox," even while  the real icebox still sat on the back
porch, serving as a supplementary cupboard.
A. Murie

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