Gene McCarthy on Jimmy Carter (was: Teaching with a Kentucky Accent)

Dan Goodman dsgood at VISI.COM
Sat Dec 7 05:24:25 UTC 2002

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> Date:    Fri, 6 Dec 2002 13:14:37 -0500
> From:    Mark A Mandel <mam at THEWORLD.COM>
> Subject: Re: Teaching With a Kentucky Accent
>         [Dan Goodman -- Bev, your reply attributes this as "you said"]
> #>Eugene McCarthy has been quoted as saying "I would not entrust Jimmy
> #>Carter and his band of merry men with the job of snake control in
> #>Ireland."
>         [Beverly Flanigan]
> #Yes, alas, Gene McCarthy (who I campaigned for in my old Minnesota
> #days) fell prey to elitism. . . .
> Excuse me, but where does that quotation imply any connection with
> Jimmy Carter's accent or region of origin? There are lots and lots of
> reasons for one politician to put down another one, and some of them
> are even legitimate.
The post I replied to said that no one had called Jimmy Carter (among
 others) dumb.  I gave a counter-example.

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