Barry Popik spots Yanigan in 1895, 1896

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>Lee Allen's The Hot Stove League is the earliest source I can find that
>attributes the coinage of "Yannigans" to Jerry Denny in 1884.  No doubt
>Allen picked it up from a note somewhere, and possibly a check of Denny's
>file at Cooperstown would have the note.  However, while I have great
>respect for Allen, I'm very skeptical that Yannigans was coined in 1884
>since there is no evidence of its appearing in print until over a decade
>Peter Morris


Below my signoff is a recent posting by attorney/word sleuth Barry
Popik to the American Dialect Society:

Jerry Cohen
member of 19cBB and American Dialect Society

>Date:         Thu, 5 Dec 2002 20:28:10 EST
>From: Bapopik at AOL.COM
>Subject:      Yanigan (1895)
>    I didn't have much time today to research the Philadelphia and Baltimore
>newspapers.  I'll try again on Saturday.  There's no rush--the DICTIONARY OF
>still aren't at "Y."
>    1894 was not read.  I didn't see the term in Baltimore in 1895, but I
>looked very quickly.
>    26 March 1895, PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, pg. 6, col. 1:
>    The first or regular team of the Philadelphia Club rather rubbed it in on
>the second or "Yanigan" nine this afternoon, and this evening Mike Grady has
>been endeavoring to figure out how it all happened.
>    21 March 1896, THE SUN (Baltimore), pg. 6, col. 4:
>_Regulars and Yanigans of the Baltimore Team._

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