Icebox lives on

Kim & Rima McKinzey rkmck at EARTHLINK.NET
Sun Dec 8 07:18:58 UTC 2002

>Incidentally, I think the term that GM's advertising imprinted on the
>American vocabulary was "Frigidaire."  Electric refrigerators were
>generically referred to as frigidaires, whatever their actual brand, by
>most people when I was a kid. We happened to have a monitor-top GE, which
>we called "the icebox," even while  the real icebox still sat on the back
>porch, serving as a supplementary cupboard.

Excluding the fact that I locked myself in the icebox my grandfather
was throwing away, I was (years later) the proud owner of a Ploitch.
(Actually, it was a Philco, which, when I cleaned it one day,
realized that the letters came out - and  thus could be rearranged..).


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