Pad Thai (1975)

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Mon Dec 9 05:56:28 UTC 2002

    "Pad Thai" is not in OED and not in Merriam-Webster.  There are over 25,000 Google hits.
   The NEW YORK TIMES shows 16 pre-1986 hits, and 88 hits from 1986-1998.  We'll see next year if the LOS ANGELES TIMES can do better; perhaps Thai immigrants reached that shore first.
   I mentioned a book title (PILAF, POZOLE, AND PAD THAI: AMERICAN WOMEN AND ETHNIC FOOD (2001)) in the "pozole" post.

   3 January 1975, NEW YORK TIMES, pg. 20:
   What Bangkok Cuisine can't offer in style it makes up in the authenticity of the Thai dishes, including noodle combinations as low as $1.95 that are a full meal.  The one we tried, at the lowest price, is described on the menu as "pad Thai rice stick noodle" and included shrimp, bits of tender white fish, bean sprouts and assorted spices.

(At Bangkok Cuisine, 885 Eighth Avenue, between 52d and 53d Streets...The TIMES reviewer orders the lowest price meal to review the restaurant?  Was he on a two dollar budget?--ed.)

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