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Tue Dec 10 10:03:47 UTC 2002

One for Barry.

'Calf's Pudding':

1902 Bulletin (Sydney) 12 Jul 16/2: The cow-cocky [ie small outback dairy
farmer] is the most awful and wonderful of the genus - especially the young
rooster. [...] Used to cows all his wretched lifetime, he actually becomes
cow-like [...]. 'Cockies' delight,' [ie treacle] by the way, isnt his only
culinary luxury. Let 'C.J.D.' [a correspondent] taste 'calf-pudding' and
he'll remember it for ever afterwards. A calf's paunch, stuffed with scrub
magpie, water-rat, hog's lard, eel, pig's liver, carrots, turnips, pop-corn,
goose eggs, pumpkin jam, rock salt, _and_ 'Paddy's lucerne,' and boiled for
four days.

Jonathon Green

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