Exposure to language

Stephani Hardin sbmorr01 at MOREHEAD-ST.EDU
Thu Dec 12 12:35:18 UTC 2002

OH Please!!   I think we all know Deidra meant "washcloths".  I hope we have
more to do with our time than to come in here and check for mistakes in
spelling and grammar.  If we could refrain from being 'know it alls' more
people would feel comfortable responding to messages on-line, and we would not
be missing out on their input.  Put that in your pip and smoke it (I misspelled
pipe just for you Beverly).

Deidra makes a good point.  I think it's interesting that the phrase "warsh
rag" was alien to her sister.  Especially considering the fact that she lives
in Kentucky, where it is pretty common.

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