Thai Food (1970, 1971, 1978); Maltese Sauce (1959); Gado Gado (1969)

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Thu Dec 12 13:38:58 UTC 2002

   It was raining out, so I spent a quiet night (after work) in the Popik
archives, brousing through the GOURMET index.



   "Mee Krob" or "Mi Krob" each has over 1,000 Google hits.  Neither spelling
is in the revised OED(?).  THE OXFORD COMPANION TO FOOD, pg. 791, "SOME THAI
FOOD TERMS," explains that "_mee krob_ are wheat noodles deep-fried and
coated in sugar syrup as a savoury dish."  WEBSTER'S NEW WORLD DICTIONARY OF

_mee krob_ (mee krob)  A Thai dish of deep-fried rice sticks, green onions,
red bell peppers, chives, tofu, cilantro and a sweet-and-sour sauce.

    OK, maybe _I _should treat an OED editor to "Pad Thai."  I'll explain
this dish that everyone else has heard of.  For background music, I'll bring
along my tape of "klezmer"...

August 1970, GOURMET magazine
Fish, Sweet-and-Sour, Thai...66
Shrimps in Fruit Sauce Baan Thai...66
   Broiled, Thai (Gai Yang)...66
   Curry (Gang Ped Gai)...66
Pork Curry, Hot (gang Ped)...66
Banana Fritters, Thai...66
Coconut Milk...66
Fried Rice, Thai (Khao Pad)...65
Thai Lemon Soup (Gang Tom Yam)...65

December 1971, GOURMET
Fish, Thai-style (Cian)...78
Beef Curry (Kaeng Phed Nua)...76
Chicken Curry (Kaeng Phed Kai)...76
Noodles Fried with Meat and Shellfish (Mi Krob)...78
Mango Salad, Thai...78

October 1978, GOURMET
Chicken with Holy Basil (Gai Pad Bai Krapao)...110
Pork with Garlic and Pepper (Moo Tod Kratium Priktai)...110
Coconut Milk, Thai..110
Red Curry Paste (Nam Prik Gaeng Ped)...110
Shrimp Soup, Aromatic (Tom Yam Kung)...108
Beef Salad, Spicy (Laab)...208
Noodle, Fried, Salad (Mee Krob)...109
Squid Salad (Yam Pla Muk)...108


POSOLE/POZOLE (continued)

   Not in the new volume of DARE P-SK, not in John Mariani's ENCYCLOPEDIA OF
AMERICAN FOOD AND DRINK, and not in OED.  Amazing.
   I was looking through GOURMET for about fifteen years, from the 1960s.

December 1978, GOURMET
Hominy with Beef and Pork (New Mexican Posole)...88

November 1981, GOURMET
Hominy with Pork and Chili Peppers (Pozole Posada Santa Fe)...146

September 1985
Posole  (Page number cut off--ed.)



   Not in the revised OED.  "Maltese sauce" is hollandaise sauce with some
orange added.
   This was in GOURMET almost every year, each March!  I probably missed

October 1959  (Hollandaise Variations: Maltaise), May 1966, December 1968,
March 1970, March 1971, March 1972, March 1973, March 1976, March 1977, March
1978, March 1980, March 1981, March 1982

December 1975, GOURMET
Meat and Macaroni Pie, Maltese (Timpana)...67
Dolphinfish Pie, Maltese (Lampuki Pie)...62
Rice with Calves' Brains, Maltese, Baked...67
Vegetable Soup with Eggs, Maltese (Widow's Soup)...62



   Not in OED.  I might as well get to Indonesia on this post.

August 1969, GOURMET
Vegetables, Mixed, with Peanut Sauce (Gado-Gado)...48

December 1982, GOURMET
Bean-Curd and Vegetable Salad (Gado-Gado Jakarta Mandarin)...198

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