is Google reliable?

Thu Dec 12 19:47:19 UTC 2002

laurence.horn at YALE.EDU,Net writes:
>So if you find google lame or unworthy for lexical
>research, fine; I'll keep it in my bookmarks.

I agree with your choice to keep Google (non-news) in your inventory of
bookmarks.  And you are quite right in your evaluation of "straight"
Google for your work.  I use it too in the research for the Dictionary
Companion.  However, the tradition in modern lexicographical research
of relying upon print media (and their e-versions) is quite
understandable.  The greatest problem facing users of electronically
retrievable resources is the shear volume of hits to wade through.  For
the important neologisms a well-constructed balanced range of
periodical publications used over a long period of time proves

David Barnhart

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