English spelling origin (OT?)

James E. Clapp j.clapp at EARTHLINK.NET
Thu Dec 12 21:37:22 UTC 2002

Peter, you've given me the best rollicking belly laugh I've had in

But no, that doesn't quite take care of it.  Let's not forget the
2,198 additional entries with "ei" not after "c"--ranging roughly from
"ageist" to "Zeitgeist"! :)

James E. Clapp

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Sigh!  O.k., here goes:

But their, weird, either
Foreign, seize and neither,
Leisure, forfeit and height,
Science, abortifacient, [fill in the remaining 397 "cie" entries here]
And Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park
Are exceptions spelled right.

There, that should take care of it! :)

Peter Mc.

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