New (to me) folk etymology: type-o

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Sat Dec 14 16:22:00 UTC 2002

 From a message to the forensic linguistics e-mail list today:
in my response to Roger, I don't know how the exclamation marks (!)
got in there. I assume they are type-o's but they are not anywhere on
the keyboard near where I was typing.

Part of the problem with this study was that they!took 18 criteria:

but the results were pro!mising.
A check on google (actually, turned up this from

Usually the music a band creates is important to me, but sometimes it is
downplayed by sleeves with a lot of type-o's. It just seems to show a
side of carelessness. For example- In Flames- Colony. A whole lot of
them! What are other metal albums with a ridiculous amount of type-o's?

The search is complicated by the prevalence of hits for the blood
type O, but I'm sure there's a passel more out there, including a
number from glass-house-dwelling purists upset at the guilty

From: George Smaragdis
Subject: TYPE O's
Date: 1997/02/04

I beg you check your mail before you send it.Why do you insist on
writing crap like "cont doit" when you can simply type "Can't do
it"?That's what's elementary for.Get off it!

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