Namphrik and Ngapee (1874)

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by Frank Vincent
New York:  Harper and Brothers

   I read the 1884 book.  It has a 70-page supplement.  I'm sure the 1874 book is the same thing without the supplement, but I didn't have time to request it.
   OED has an 1854 "ngapee" under its entry for "balachong."  I don't know what the revised OED has planned for this "N" entry.  "Ngapee" is from Burma.

Pg. 15:  The condiment _ngapee_, for which there is a very great demand, is made of preserved fish, fish which has arrived at that epicurean stage termed "high;" it is a sort of paste which mixes with rice like the Indian sauce, _chutnee_.

Pg. 112:  We took a _chota hazree_, a little breakfast,...

Pg. 126:  ...a _prachadi_, sacred spire;...
(OED doesn't have "prachadi"?  I'm seeing it a lot in these books.  It's an architecture term--ed.)

Pg. 135:  All classes in Siam use a sauce called _namphrik_, which differes from the Burmese fish condiment _ngapee_, in that a greater variety of articles are employed in its composition; it also mixes with rice like the Indian _chutnee_, though it (Pg. 136--ed.) approximates more in appearance and flavour to this paste than does the Burmese _ngapee_.  The Siamese sauce is prepared, when all ingredients are at hand, "by bruising a quantity of red pepper in a mortar, to which are added _kapi_ (paste of shrimps and prawns), black pepper, garlic, and onions.  These being thoroughly mixed, a small quantity of brine and citron-juice is added.  Ginger, tamarinds, and gourd seeds are also employed."  That the _namphrik_ is "one of the most appetite-exciting condiments" I know myself by experience; it is also, though very hot and "high," a savoury and toothsome addition to the ordinary curry of simple meat, rice and gravy.

Pg. 267:  From the heads of the largest variety fish-oil is made, and from their bodies the condiment so highly prized by the Siamese, and styled by them _namphrik_.

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