Flavor of the Month (1937)

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    Greetings from the Library of Congress.

G.O.P.--I don't know what went wrong when I checked the WASHINGTON POST the first time.  I knew I did something wrong.  I was going to re-check it and I found those same few  1882 "G.O.P."  Fred Shapiro beat me to it by a few minutes.  I hate that guy.
   The "grand old party" was applied to the _Democratic_ party.  The initialism "G.O.P." become popular after 1881 or so's "G.O.M."--for Gladstone, the grand old man.  I have to revise the whole thing into a paper, but I'll wait until PUCK and LIFE (both comic but very political magazines) full text becomes available on the American Periodical Series online.

   14 April 1937, WASHINGTON POST, pg. 13 ad:
"I wish we could buy ice cream like this!"
(...)  P. S.--Have you tasted Buttered Pecan Ice Cream?  It's the Sealtest "Flavor of the Month."
_Southern Dairies Ice Cream_

JALAPENO--The first WASHINGTON POST hit is 20 December 1896, pg. 10, about people from Jalapa, Mexico.  The first relevant hit, "D. C. Cooking Goes Cosmopolitan," is 9 November 1951, pg. C1.

PORTOBELLO MUSHROOMS--I went crazy looking for pre-1981 hits for this in some databases.  I used portobello/portobella/portabella/portabello.  Google has a large number of hits for all four.  The NEW YORK TIMES had 1985 at the earliest, and the WASHINGTON POST isn't any better.  There's a publication by the American Mushroom Institute (AMI) that probably has it, but OCLC Worldcat says  that's in the Trademark Office and I don't feel like walking all over town today.

PAD THAI--The first WASHINGTON POST hit is 14 May 1978, pg. SM38, in a review of the Siam Inn restaurant.

   9 February 1941, WASHINGTON POST, pg. ?:
   In Guadalajara the native dish is "pozole," made with corn, meat and chili sauce.

   23 July 1950, WASHINGTON POST, pg. 59:
   Pozole soup, traditional around Guadalajara, is a hog's head soup with cacahuazintle, dried sweet corn with dark blue or black kernels.

BLIMP--Someone asked me about this.  No real early hits, but a mega-ton of bad "hits," like "bump."

EVANS DIGITAL FROM AMERICAN ANTIQUARIAN SOCIETY--The librarian here (the one who gave me the WASHINGTON POST secret password) hasn't heard of it.  They don't have it yet.

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