Derivation of the word oaktag

Kim & Rima McKinzey rkmck at EARTHLINK.NET
Fri Dec 20 08:29:40 UTC 2002

>He notes that in a previous issue (57.3 for fall 1982, p 189), David Gold had
>suggested that "oaktag" is a New York City (and Newark, New Jersey) word. But
>FWIW, it's not in the Dictionary of American Regional English.
>It is notable, also, that "oaktag" is not in the Oxford English Dictionary or
>American Heritage or Merriam-Webster's Collegiate.

When mentioning oaktag after moving to California, no one here had
ever heard of it.  They all used poster board or some such.  I
definitely got the feeling it was a New York City term (like sliding


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