Derivation of the word oaktag

Alice Faber faber at HASKINS.YALE.EDU
Fri Dec 20 14:58:51 UTC 2002

Fred Shapiro said:
>On Thu, 19 Dec 2002, Mark A Mandel wrote:
>>  #He notes that in a previous issue (57.3 for fall 1982, p 189), David
>>  Gold had #suggested that "oaktag" is a New York City (and Newark, New
>>  Jersey) word. But #FWIW, it's not in the Dictionary of American Regional
>>  English.
>>  I knew the word growing up in NYC in the 50s-60s. I'm pretty sure I
>I also knew the word growing up on Long Island in the 1960s.  The earliest
>on New York Times Historical is:

Westchester County (just north of NYC)--we used oaktag also, but I
was familiar with poster board. I'm not sure whether I thought these
were two words for the same thing or two different types of material.
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