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"Arthur the Rat" can be found at the DARE site: http://polyglot.lss.wisc.edu/dare/dare.html

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"Grip the Rat" dates back into at least the early 30s.  The name was later
changed to Arthur.  It was used in the DARE field wor, and the text may be
found in the article on pronunciation by Hartmann is DARE Volume I.

Quoting Barnhart <ADS-L at HIGHLANDS.COM>:

> From my dialectology notes it's called "Grip the Rat."  It's found in
> several places.  Sumner Ives used the version found in Gleason's
> overview of grammars, the title of which escapes me at this hour.  I
> googled _Grip the rat_ and found nothing.
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> David Barnhart
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