WOTY considerations

AAllan at AOL.COM AAllan at AOL.COM
Sat Dec 21 00:33:41 UTC 2002

Thanks everyone for the nominations! I have been lurking and listing
everything, and will bring the lists to our nominating session Friday morning
January 3. More fuel for the fire, here's the short list from Wayne Glowka,
conductor of "Among the New Words" in _American Speech_. - Allan Metcalf

Wayne's Words

apatheist   Person believing that God or gods exist but are not of any use

comprendo-challenged   Unable to understand the US Constitution

dialarhoea   Tendency of a cell phone to make a call when left in a pocket

or bag with keypad unlocked

grid butt   Marks left on buttocks by fishnet pantyhose

gun-rack dad   Conservative swing voter in Central and Western Pennsylvania

Saddameter   Meter used by a television news show to indicate how close war

with Iraq seems on a given day

201(k)   Retirement account ruined by stock losses (used in 2001 but

prominent in 2002)

unorthodox entrepreneur   Panhandler, drug addict, or prostitute displaced

by movie makers in Vancouver, BC, parks

undryuppable   Resistant to desiccation (of a marker)

urban de-newal   Replacement of government projects and buildings with a


wombanization   Feminization

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