End of year request..

Mark A Mandel mam at THEWORLD.COM
Sat Dec 21 01:19:15 UTC 2002

        [Millie W]
#> #Yes, please try as Thomas suggests.  All you do is set an e-mail message
#> #"rule" to put everything with ADS in the from line to a folder created just
#> #for them within your in-box.

        [Mark M]
#> "All you do" is harder in some programs than others... :-( I think I
#> have to figure out PROCMAIL in order to do this.

#I have the [ADS-L] label in the subject line.
#Send a note to LISTSERV at LISTSERV.UGA.EDU *from* the e-mail
#address your subscription is under. In the body of the note have

I've just done that. That will tell *the listserver* to put "[ADS-L]" in
the subject line of messages that are sent to me. They will arrive at my
inbox, where they will continue to be listed along with everything else
until I work out how to tell *my mail program* to do something special
with them on the basis of that string, namely, file them in my "ads"
folder. My mail program, pine, is ancient but it works nicely with a
text-only interface, which makes it good for a slow dialup connection
such as I have here as well as (knock on wood) immune to viruses. As far
as I can tell, my only recourse for separate filing is to figure out the
intricacies of procmail, which, like most Unix programs, is
user-friendly only for certain very special values of "user" and

However, having this string in the subject line will help *me*
prioritize my mail reading as I scan the "table of contents" of the

-- Mark A. Mandel

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