Derivation of the word oaktag

Dave Wilton dave at WILTON.NET
Sat Dec 21 02:26:30 UTC 2002

Quoting Jerome Foster <funex79 at SLONET.ORG>:

> I attended elementary school in Brooklyn in the 30's (P.S.105, P.S.103, and
> J.H.S.220 to be specific) and oak tag was the common name for a rather
> rough, yellow-tan heavy paper or light cardboard used for vaious art
> projects and similar uses.

I just had dinner with a friend I've known since kindergarten, another product
of New Jersey public schools. I mentioned this thread and he said he had always
thought it was "oat tag." Still, I remember it as "oak tag," so his could just
be an individual error.

Dave Wilton
dave at

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