Bumpy Stew (1938)

Millie Webb millie-webb at CHARTER.NET
Sat Dec 21 22:34:51 UTC 2002

We (usually) add sour cream and some kind of creamy soup, put it over
potatoes and call it "stroganoff".  I know it probably is not what most
people would call stroganoff (or however it's spelled), but that's what we
call it, whether served over baked potatoes or over noodles.  Our family
always had an (apparently) odd definition of "goulash" too, which is
basically a "hotdish" (MN) made with elbow macaroni, stewed/canned tomatoes,
a couple of carrots or something cut up in it (if feeling creative), and
browned hamburger meat.
-- Millie

> My grandmother (b. 1918) used to make this, mom (b. 1938) picked it up and
> now I make it and serve it over noodles or some other starchy thing. But,
> we've never had a name for it. My mother swears that her grandfather (b.
> 1886), a PA Dutch Mennonite, had a PA Dutch name for it. Anybody have any
> idea what that was? Or what it's called elsewhere? Nowadays we just call
> "Grandma Bessie's hamburger gunk," but I'm pretty sure we're the only ones
> Katy
> Kathleen E. Miller
> Research Assistant to William Safire
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