Bumpy Stew

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This sounds like the widely loved/detested military mess hall recipe for
"S.O.S.", absent the Shingle (formally called creamed beef, I think.)  I
trust the Jewish girls didn't tell their rabbis of this wonderful dish. <g>
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Subject: Bumpy Stew (1938); Pozole (1934); Bint El Sahn (1932)


   I was looking for something else, but never mind.  I have a soft spot for
the food of our women's colleges.   "Our teachers--they're of many
creeds--come from everywhere," my hostess said.  "Girls must worship, but as
they like.  We would accept Mohammedans or Buddhists.  I wish we had some.
Catholic, Jewish, or Presbyterian, they all like bumpy stew.  Married
alumnae write for the recipe."
   "I'd like it myself," I said.
   "Fry chopped onions in butter until they're brown.  Then fry ground beef
in the mixture until that's brown.  Sprinkle with flour; add milk, salt, and
pepper.  Keep stirring until it gets bumpy.  Then," she added, "it's bumpy

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