End of year request..

James E. Clapp j.clapp at EARTHLINK.NET
Sun Dec 22 06:33:37 UTC 2002

Tom Kysilko wrote:

> Some implementations of list name prefixing are really annoying.  Subjects
> can end up looking like:
> [ADS-L] Re: [ADS-L] Re: [ADS-L] Re: [ADS-L] FW: Question about a possible
> new coinage
> In the message lists in most e-mail programs, the informative part of this
> subject would be truncated. . . .

In Outlook Express you can elect (through View > Columns...) to display
"From", "To", and "Subject" (among other) columns in your message list.  The
"To" field always begins with "ADS-L", so no need to include that in the

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