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AAllan at AOL.COM AAllan at AOL.COM
Mon Dec 23 16:06:33 UTC 2002

One of the fringe benefits of ADS membership is access to current and recent
past issues of American Speech online . . . sometimes even before it's mailed
out. You may not yet have Vol. 77, issue 4 (I don't), but you can view the
table of contents online at Project Muse:

Now if you're at an institution that subscribes to Project Muse, you can then
read the individual articles of this special issue dedicated to the memory of
Fred Cassidy. But if not, and if you're an ADS member, send me a message at
this address:
AAllan at
and I will send you the login and password you need to access this and all
issues of American Speech going back through 1999.

(It may be a little while before I get back to you, because after today I
don't expect to be online again till Tuesday the 31st.)

- Allan Metcalf

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