Fwd: standard passage

Joan Hall jdhall at FACSTAFF.WISC.EDU
Mon Dec 23 16:49:45 UTC 2002

I'm appalled that that was there (written by a student programmer), but
glad that you pointed it out so that we can take it out.  We hadn't seen it
because our browsers were set to handle the frames.

At 08:27 PM 12/20/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>On Fri, 20 Dec 2002, Gordon, Matthew J. wrote:
>#"Arthur the Rat" can be found at the DARE site:
>I just got this message, displayed here verbatim by copy-&-paste:
>         >>>>>
>    The information in this page is displayed in frames. Either You have
>    the frame feature of your browser turned off. Or Your using a very old
>    browser..Please Update for viewing
>         <<<<<
>What do people think of
>  1: its user-friendliness?
>  2: its grammaticality?
>  3: its suitability to the DARE website?
>-- Mark A. Mandel

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