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Hakuna Matata everybody!  I'm in the Samburu Serena Lodge in Kenya.  Kenyan elections are just four days away.
   I can send e-mail from this address and receive it, but I can't get on AOL.  These lodges don't seem to have internet, and the internet at the Nairobi Hilton was out when I stayed there. So don't expect much e-mailing from here.

AFRICAN WAVE--waving by little kids, who want pens and candy.

ANIMAL WAKE-UP CALL--Available at my last lodge.  I thought it was "The cow says--Moo!  Seven o'clock and time to get up!"  But no.  The lodge has someone looking at the waterhole during the night.  If your requested animal (say, a hippo) is spotted, you're woken up.  3 a.m. elephant wake-ups.  What a vacation!

STOP STICKS--Like sleeping policemen, but these are sticks with spikes in them.  You can't go over them, but must go around them.  Also just called "road blocks."

MANDAZI--Donuts, without holes.  The Hilton had them triangular, the lodge had them round.  No filling.

MUTATU--A bus service.

QUADRUPLE WITCHING--FINANCIAL TIMES, December 21-22, 2002, pg. 13, col. 1: "Traders were braced for volatility because of what was being dubbed 'quadruple witching'--the usual triple expiry of stock options, index options and index futures, plus expiry of newly introduced single stock futures contracts."

CNN EFFECT--FINANCIAL TIMES, December 20, 2002, pg. 25, col. 4:  "The last conflict in the Middle East in 1991 also impaired confidence.  Consumers postponed purchases due to uncertainty and because they were glued to their television sets following the conflict--the 'CNN effect.'"

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