Bumpy Stew (1938)

Millie Webb millie-webb at CHARTER.NET
Tue Dec 24 21:22:48 UTC 2002

We made very few dishes with onions.  Probably too "jazzed up" for a MN
hotdish.  :-)   I have seven siblings, and none of us tried anything "hot",
"spicy" or whatever until we moved out from home!  I remember deciding at
one point that my dad's British/English background had caught up with him,
and rendered him unable to cook or eat anything made with "spices" more
exotic than salt.  ;-)   And my father did approximately 95% of the cooking
in our house....  Millie

PS - In my experience, you can add carrots to almost anything to up the
"veggie" content, even with the pickiest children who "don't eat
vegetables".  (Spaghetti sauce, chicken popovers, pot roast, manicotti --

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> Sounds like goulash to me! - only thing odd is you
> forgot onions, chopped and cooked with the meat.
> Never thought of adding carrots.

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