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> The first time I remember hearing this was in the movie "The gods must be
> Crazy."  The scientist, his buddy and the Bushman are going to drive
> somewhere and the bushman just runs onto the vehicle without using the
> The buddy says, "he doesn't know from doors."  So, I had always associated
> with South african english. I did hear it a few days ago on Hogan's
> though. Marya, the Russian woman, says "What do I know from Rockets?"
> However, she is playing a native speaker of Russian.  I don't know why the
> writers would have put that phrase into the story, though.  Is it common
> Russian-English?  I have never heard it from any of my Russian students or
> contacts.
> Fritz
If I"m not repeating something that has been posted before, RHHDAS
attributes it to
    [<Yid- tsu visn fun gornisht 'to be ignorant'] and cites it from
1934(although Barry cited it earlier from 1933 at Temple U.)

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