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Mon Dec 30 23:31:59 UTC 2002

Laurence Horn wrote:
> At 5:35 PM -0500 12/30/02, Beverly Flanigan wrote:
> >Maybe I missed something:  Were the NPR people really talking rhymes or
> >games, or was the name used seriously??
> Hi, Beverly,
> No, the idea of the limerick was from Peter Richardson and me
> (independently, although he was the one who actually tried one out--I
> had trouble coming up with a third rhyme); evidently the
> "an-DROC-uh-leez" pronunciation was seriously uttered on NPR.  My
> response here to you was that the schwa insertion may be
> phonologically motivated but the stress shift indicates unfamiliarity
> with the name.

Unfamiliarity with the name and, perhaps, familiarity with
shopping at the California grocery store chain Andronico's?
"an-DRON-uh-coze" That's how this pronunciation strikes me.

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