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Tue Dec 31 20:15:12 UTC 2002

David Bergdahl wrote:
>  Barry's letter on NY's winning the Olympics can be found at:
> http://news.ft.com/servlet/ContentServer?pagename=FT.com/StoryFT/FullStory&c
>  =StoryFT&cid=1039524026955&p=1012571727279
> [make sure whole URL is copied]


TinyURL is a useful tool. You can either use the Web site
<http://tinyurl.com/> or pop a button on your toolbar if you find
yourself using the tool frequently, as I do.

In this case, the URL length was cut from 101 characters to 23.
Having fewer characters means fewer cutn'paste wrap problems.

3K+ useful links for writers, researchers and the terminally
curious <http://www.internet-resources.com/writers/>

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