Word origin: shiggies

Towse self at TOWSE.COM
Thu May 30 00:57:10 UTC 2002

In misc.writing.moderated, the discussion turned to a writer's
use of the word "shiggies." Someone asked "What are shiggies?"

He answered: "Babes, chicks, etc. Not women in general, but the
type of person, of the female persuasion, who does the most for
my cod."

I'd always assumed that "shiggies" was coined by John Brunner in
/Stand on Zanzibar/. Brunner's shiggies are adult women who don't
have their own living space in an overly-crowded culture, but
move from guy to guy, sharing the guy's space until it's time to
move on.

The writer answered that he knew Brunner had used it, but had
heard a number people, in different parts of the country, use it.
"I thought it was something like the Aussies calling women
'shielas' -- something widely used somewhere, but somewhere

Anyone know of any older use of "shiggy" or "shiggies" that uses
this definition that pre-dates /Stand on Zanzibar/ (1968)?

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