Coalition of the Willing (1991); Nuanced Objectivity; OT: Columbia comments

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   I thought it was just some speechwriter's phrase mouthed by President Bush recently (over 5,000 Factiva hits!), but it's much older and has a definite source that MIT grad Fred Shapiro might be interested in.  The following is in a story that involves the United Nations:

   1 May 1991, THE FUTURIST (Factiva):
   ,,,what Massachusetts Institute of Technology political science professor Lincoln Bloomfield calls a "coalition of the willing."


   From today's

THE NYT ON THE BBC: The Axis of Bias now exists. But check out the simply glorious Times' description of the BBC's coverage of the war: "nuanced objectivity." I think I'm going to rename our regular media bias updates as "Nuanced Objectivity Watch."
- 2:16:27 AM

   Sullivan often calls the BBC the "Baghdad Broadcasting Corporation."  I don't know if that one will catch on, but "nuance" might.  Sullivan today wrote a lot about what's happening at Columbia, so, without further nuance...

OT:  COLUMBIA COMMENTS ("A million Mogadishus")

   I'm just a guest here trying to antedate "rutabaga," so I don't want to upset the apple cart.  But what's happened has made international news.
   At a "teach-in" on Wednesday night, assistant professor of anthropology Nicholas De Genova called for "a million Mogadishus."  (A place where American soldiers were killed.)  In today's COLUMBIA SPECTATOR staff editorial, pg. 4:  "By keeping De Genova on board, Columbia would show that it values free speech, but also that it tolerates simplistic, lazy rhetoric in lieu of nuanced argumentation."
   Nuanced argumentation!
   Sullivan and others have pointed out that this Columbia professor advocates killing Jews as well as killing Americans.  "Free speech" (at a "teach-in"?) means that you can't fire a lunatic?
   What do you have to say to get fired at Columbia University?  "Kill Americans!" won't do it?  "Kill Jews!" is just fine?
   Do you have to say "niggardly"?

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