Query: Hat Trick in Dialect Notes Vol. 5

Grant Barrett gbarrett at WORLDNEWYORK.ORG
Tue Apr 1 23:21:35 UTC 2003

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> De: "andrew podnieks" <moydartpress at idirect.com>
> Date: Tue 1 Apr 2003  17:20:15 America/New_York
> Objet: Question for the ADS Webmaster
> I am hoping you can help me follow up on some research I did which led
> me to the ADS. In Dialect Notes volume 5 (1918-1927) there is a
> reference on page 449 to the following: "hat trick--the passing of the
> hat for a collection at the end of a soap box oration" and I wonder if
> you can tell me anything more about this. For instance, what date was
> its first usage in this context? The reference falls in a section
> entitled "The Jargon of the Underworld" and was compiled, I believe,
> by Elisha K. Kane at the University of North Carolina. Is this person
> still alive and working there? Are her notes for the discovery of this
> word and usage available? Any information at all to delve further into
> that term hat trick would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks, Andrew Podnieks at moydartpress at idirect.com.

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