Squaw candy (1943)

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Thu Apr 3 07:43:00 UTC 2003

   The latest volume of DARE stops at "SK."  What's coming up for "squaw candy"?
   I didn't see it last year in my trip to Alaska.  Many people--those who don't read THE STRAIGHT DOPE--believe that "squaw"=vagina.  So "squaw candy" is out.  However, here it is on page 573 of the FOOD LOVER'S COMPANION.
   The NEW YORK TIMES is probably way off on this Alaskan term, but it's a start.

   29 July 1943, NEW YORK TIMES, pg. 15:
   "Smokehouses are getting  the G. I. brush treatment this week," says the Alaskan fishing editor, "in preparation for the main run of salmon, which will then be cured into what the Aleuts call 'squaw candy.'  It is a cross between pemmican, dead fish and a Virginia ham.  A little goes a long way" and no doubt will be omitted from fishing recipes when the boys get back home from the fort.

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